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Find out how you can make your family safer and healthier, CPR / AED / First Aid Party Invitation,

then call 1-888-362-7782 or e-mail us CPR / AED / First Aid Party to make your Party reservation.

You'll be practicing on manikins with American Red Cross Certified Instructors!

It's time to replace denial and fear with action and confidence!


Build your own "Safety Network" by hosting a party at your home or favorite restaurant and invite your friends, relatives and neighbors.


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CPR/AED/First Aid Parties can also be great Fundraisers for your organization! 


CPR / AED / First Aid Party


Adult - Child - Infant


Get together with your friends and relatives and

have the most important party ever!

I'm talking about having fun while learning basic emergency life saving skills in a relaxed, friendly, family atmosphere --

A CPR / AED / First Aid Party

A new trend started so many more lives can be saved and injuries minimized especially in the home.
Too many babies, children and adults needlessly die or suffer permanent brain damage (4 minutes)
while waiting for EMS to arrive!

Our families are at risk for many things including: 

    Heart Attacks     

        1 out of 3 of us will die from a heart attack!
            A lot of us will never have advanced warning even with tests.
                More than 70% of heart attacks occur in the home.


        4 out of 5 families will be affected by strokes in their lifetime.


        One child in the U.S. dies from choking on food every five days
            Airway obstruction injuries are a leading cause of accidental death in children under age 14

Recognizing a medical emergency and providing care until EMS arrives can make all the difference. If you give CPR before EMS can get there, you quadruple the chances of your loved ones surviving. Not to mention preventing permanent brain damage that starts after only four minutes.  Countdown

Keep in mind that CPR is not just for adults and cardiac emergencies. Rescue breathing (mouth-to-mouth resuscitation) and chest compressions may be necessary for everybody (adults, infants and children) during many different emergencies including:

    (a small child can drown in only takes 1-2 inches of water)
    (toilets, buckets, tubs, washing machines, etc.)
    (child drowning is a silent death: there's no splashing to alert anyone that the child is in trouble)
    (77% of the victims had been missing from sight for 5 minutes or less)
smoke inhalation,
electrocution injuries, and
suspected sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Toddlers, in particular, are potential victims.  They often do something unexpected because their capabilities change daily.

The First Aid portion will help prepare you to recognize and care for sudden illnesses (strokes, seizures, diabetic emergencies, poisonings, allergic reactions), wounds, injuries, fainting, etc. Burns, heat and cold emergencies are all too common.

It's only $25 ($30 with AED) per person for something you can't put a price on.


Ask your friends and relatives and babysitters if they'd like to join you.  It will be your own "Health and Safety" Network so everybody will be able to help each other when needed.

The better prepared everybody is the safer all our families and friends will be.

We'll need 4 Ė 25 people to make our hands-on instruction and skills practice party work best. 

Only the best will be there to help you, a Certified American Red Cross Instructor.

If youíre undecided, just ask any EMS person if itís a better idea for you just to wait for them to get there.

It will be the most important 2 - 3 hours youíve ever spent for your family, your friends and yourself. Forget about the peace of mind it will bring, could you live with yourself if something happened and you didnít do all you could have!

Most people are complacent (it's human nature) about preparing for an emergency because it has never happened to them.  But think about it, that's like saying, "I'll wait until my spouse, child or parent dies before I learn how I could have saved them!"

Click here for help in setting up your party
CPR / AED / First Aid Party

If you have special needs or would like to enroll in a class for formal certification please e-mail Paul Smith at

Thank you and may 2013 be a safe and healthy year for you and your loved ones.  But let's not leave it all to chance, as the American Red Cross says,

"Together we can save a life"

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