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American Professional Safety Trainers Alliance

     CPR/First Aid Parties


Emergency Health & Safety Training  in two major areas:
Heart Attacks, HIV/AIDS + Hepatitis
Courses include:
CPR-AED Defibrillator-BBP-First Aid
New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island
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Community Safety 


Our ultimate goal is to make our community a safer place.  We came to our profession because we wanted to help, and because we knew we could help with CPR training, AED training (Defibrillator training), Bloodborne Pathogen training (BBP training), and First Aid training.

Our mission has been guided by two community health problems that both have solutions.  Unfortunately, those solutions have not been widely imple- mented.  Our training lets us train others to curtail the dangers of these two major safety areas:

  Heart Attacks  Facts  

  AIDS and Hepatitis

Our principal focus is on reducing deaths caused by these twin problems.  Training members of the public to deal with these deadly issues has been proven to significantly decrease the severity of their impact on a commu- nity.  While these dangers may never be eradicated, we as a community can greatly decrease tragic incidents through proper and widespread safety training.  


"I feel really blessed, you know, because a lot of people who have a heart attack never get any advanced warning,"...President Bill Clinton

The Success of Resuscitation and Defibrillation

Significant improvement in survival from Sudden Cardiac Arrest will only be achieved if Defibrillators are made more widely available within the community, ensuring that as many people as possible are trained in this simple life saving technique.

The introduction of easy to use Automated External Defibrillators (AED), that can analyze a victims heart rhythm and prompt users to deliver life saving shocks quickly and safely, has enabled this wider deployment to begin.

Across the nation, survival rates from sudden cardiac arrest, which kills more than 400,000 people a year, is estimated at 7%, with cities reporting anywhere as low as 3%. 

However, where AED programs have been implemented, the save rate is much higher.   According to USA Today, one Minnesota community has increased its save rate to 39%, more than five times the national average.   Similarly, airline passengers who suffer sudden cardiac arrest and are shocked by flight attendants have a 40% survival rate.  Even more dramatic- ally, in casinos where AED-armed security agents monitor people with video surveillance victims shocked within three minutes had a 74% sur- vival rate.  The American Heart Association estimates that 50,000 lives could be saved each year if AEDs were more widely available.

We hope to see all communities, but most especially our own Metropolitan area, adopt and implement the AED programs that will allow us, together, to save hundreds, even thousands of lives one life at a time.

Quote from President Bill Clinton:

"Keep in mind, in a big city with a lot of traffic, it can often take far more than 10 minutes for emergency medical technicians to arrive."

Post Script

The Deadly Spread of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis

Until 2001, when OSHA mandated Bloodborne Pathogen training, few corporations undertook training of their employees in the prevention of disease transmission through the proper handling and disposal of blood.

Although bloodborne diseases have existed for centuries, the spread of the HIV and Hepatitis viruses have made BBP training a critical issue in todays corporate workplace. 

Corporations that fail to train their employees are taking a serious financial risk.  If an employee contracts a deadly disease because a Federal regulation was ignored by the company, any fine from OSHA will probably pale in comparison to the judgment awarded in a lawsuit and, of course, there is the human suffering involved suffering that could often have been avoided if the people involved had simply been properly trained.  


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